Beulah Baptist Church

Bi-Vocational Pastor

Beulah Baptist Church is in search of a bio-vocational pastor to lead its congregation in the direction that God will have us go for the good of His kingdom.

Beulah is a rural church located 2 miles out of the city limits of Pembroke Ga in Bryan County. (yes, the county where the mega plant is being built). We are located 25 miles west of Savannah, Georgia, and 23 miles south of Statesboro, Georgia.  

We are a growing community, looking for a spiritual leader to lead us in the future with God’s plans for the church.

The pastor will need to have good leadership, teaching, and administrative skills, and preach God’s word to His church.

Duties will consist of preaching, conducting counseling, visitation to the hospital and members as needed, weddings, funerals, baptisms, and all other pastoral duties. He would also be an advisor in the church and work along with Deacons and any other church planning committees and affairs of the church.

 Looking forward to seeing what God has in plan for Beulah Baptist Church!!!

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