Savannah Baptist Association
Monday, December 10, 2018
You can reach the Savannah Baptist Association by calling 912-232-1033 or email: 
Association Office Staff
         Rev. Buddy Wasson  
Association Missionary - Ext. 104 
Association Financial Secretary- Ext. 101

       Janet Bell
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant- Ext. 100
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Seafarer's Ministry               Savannah Baptist Assembly
Rev. Everett Tumblin                                  Rev. Tommy Duke
      Director                                                        Director
 912-656-7552                                                 912-772-3368                                                                                                       
Savannah Baptist Center
Director- Ext. 106
Collegiate  Ministry
BCM Director Armstrong Campus of
 Georgia Southern University
P: 912-925-8563
C: 678-378-5001