Savannah Baptist Association
Sunday, April 22, 2018

World Changers


On June 11- 16, 150 youth and their leaders from across the Southeast will converge at Windsor Forest Baptist Church to assist our association in our ministry to Savannah.  The theme this year is Here & Now.  Students will be encouraged to make the most of their time in Savannah right here and right now to share Jesus through a variety of construction and ministry opportunities.  Just like the past 20 years, there will be a need of assistance from our local churches.  We need some ministry sites.  We need churches to provide lunches.  We have a variety of other ways that your church can be involved. Here's the list of volunteer opportunities.  


World Changers Volunteer Options

Here & Now

June 11-16, 2018


           1.   Join the prayer team

        2.     Host a group of 10-13 people with meals provided for lunch at noon Tuesday through Friday at their work site. 

           3.   Provide a ministry site at your church.  A group of 11-13 people would arrive at your church each day Tuesday through Friday from 8 to 4 ready to assist you with ministry in your church community. 

4   .   Provide a van or small bus for transporting groups throughout the week.  If you have drivers that would be great.

5.   Provide volunteers runners to pick up supplies. (Trucks beneficial)

6.   Volunteer Doctors and nurses to assist with basic first aid.

7.   Volunteers who would be willing to be worksite supervisors.

8.   Assist with facility set-up on June 9 and 10

9.   Volunteers to assist with move-in June 11 from 1-3 PM

10.                   Assist as a Savannah tour guide from 6 to 9 PM on Monday  

11.                   Host a late night snack time any night from 9 to 10:30 PM.  

12.                   Assist with facility reset on Saturday, June 16 from 8-11 AM.

13.                   Assist with follow-up. 

 Contact  678-378-5001 or 

You can find them at






2018 Feeding Schedule


  June 12th - June 15th
Church Name Site Address Contacts
 Immanuel Baptist Church    Beverly Purcell
 Tremont Missionary Bpatist Church    Gladys Stewart
 International Bible Christian Fellowship    Jesse Pamplona
 First Baptist Church of the Island   Terri Shepherd 
 Overcoming by Faith    Sheila Bishop
 North Salem Baptist Church   Betty Nease
 The Crossroads Baptist Church   Rhonda Stone
 Winsor Forrest Baptist Church    Lynn Roberts
 Chevis Oaks Baptist Church    Amy Waddell
 Woodlawn Baptist Church    Gary Johnson
 Powers Baptist Church    Tammy Monroe
 Isle of Hope Baptist Church    Diane Sellers
 First Baptist Church Bloomingdale    Peggy Hoskins
 First Baptist Church Garden City    Patsy Ethridge
 First Baptist Church Pooler    Pam Crovatt
 South Newington Baptist Church    Matt Gallant
 Silk Hope Baptist Church
 Eddie McCusker
 Calvary Temple Baptist Church    Gail Jones
 Sand Hill Baptist Church    April Cory
First Baptist Church Rincon    Mona Underwood
First Baptist Church Rincon    Mona Underwood
New Beginning Community Church  2310 Causton Bluff Road  Eric Henley