Savannah Baptist Association
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Church Happenings


21st -Jubalheirs concert at Immanuel - 6:30 pm
27th - Baptist Women's Banquet at Immanuel - 6:30 pm
27th - Collegiate Day of Prayer at all churches


1st - Imani Milele Choir at Chevis Oaks Baptist Church - 1:45 pm
7th - GA Mother/Daughter Banquet at First Baptist Church of Garden City - 6:00 pm
8th - David Livingston and Eternal Vision at Whitemarsh Island Baptist Church - 6:00 pm
15th - Executive Committee meeting at Calvary - 5:45 pm

16th - Truck loading at the Association office for Children's Home Paper Drive - 1:00 pm
27th - 29th - Senior Adult Choir Festival at First Baptist Church of the Islands
Please notify the Association office if your church will be having an event you would like posted here!