Savannah Baptist Association
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Church Happenings


Due to the quarantine, many churches were not able to collect paper products for the Baxley Children's Home in April. We have a few products that were collected early, but we have decided that we will send them gift cards for now and take those items later when we can add to the collection. If your church has already collected for the children's home, you can bring them to us and we will deliver them when we get a full load.

We would like to ask the churches to make it a special project to collect Walmart and Visa gift cards between now and August 31. Please encourage your mission groups, Sunday School groups, youth and any other group to collect these gift cards. If you would like to send them to us, we will send them to the Baxley home. If you decide to send them to the home yourself, please let us know so we can see how many were collected.

Please prayerfully consider making this a priority to your congregation. These children need our help, especially during this time.
Thank you!

Please notify the Association office if your church will be having an event you would like posted here!